Friday, December 3, 2010


Chrissi, Kat and I are having "Fun Thursday" in Mooresville this month.  They have a really cute main street! The school kids decorated the trees and  everyone was so proud of their newly painted SunDrop sign on the side of the building!

We stopped in the hardware store and that was a complete step back in time!  We talked with Danny the owner and he told me he has worked there since he was 15 years old.  The have everything in there! They even have Long Horn horns!   Don't you just love the christmas window!

The old wood floors and the nail bins were over flowing with nails!

This is a the view of the upstairs in the hardware store....ghostly!  Can't you just see some little ghost child riding one of those tricycles around!  

We stopped into the Whirling Whisk for a S'more cup cake and found out that Nordstrom's sells their cookie mixes on line...who knew?

Ye Olde Mantel was a great little shop. And  Tullulah's was one door down. She had some great things too!  

The even had spurs!

I loved this old flocked tree with vintage and antique ornaments 

Cute red door

We ate lunch at The Prickly Pear and it was so delicious!  Christmas in Mexico, baby!

The PP is in an old church and it had some huge bells hanging in the middle of the restaurant.

Kat and Chrissi at the PP

As we were heading out of town we passed the "What a Burger"....maybe next time we can stop in.

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  1. Loved the trip to Mooresville! I remember going to What A Burger with Bo! I think I will take a trip to M'ville myself. Thanks for sharing...