Thursday, October 28, 2010


I seem to paint wine glasses ALL of the time.  I paint them mostly for our annual girls weekend to the beach.  I paint a new one each year in a different theme each time. We use them for OJ in the morning and then wash it out for a diet coke with lunch then an ice cold beer in the afternoon.  We are all so thrilled to drink out of our special know what I am talking about. Everyone has one, that special glass for their evening cocktail.  I also paint them for birthday gifts along with a nice bottle of wine makes for a special gift.  Here are just a few pictures of some that I painted recently.

And here we are on our girls trip making excellent use of those fabulous wine glasses

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Chrissi and hopped in the car for a new little shopping experience today.   It is kind of a cloudy, drizzly, day so we decided to ditch the house work and have a little fun!   We went by Post & Gray for a little shopping therapy....hey it worked!  We are so happy now! HA!  They are having a special guest EDDIE ROSS coming by their
sister shop, Interiors market place, on Nov 5.... I am looking forward to that for sure!

We stopped in the Cluck~N~Cup  for a yummy lunch.
I had the Turkey Hoagie Melt and a side of homemade broccoli casserole.  It was the most
delicious thing I have ever eaten!
They are opening 2 more locations but I forgot where the owner told me they sorry!

Chrissi, it is always a barrel of laughs hanging out with you....can't wait until next time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

CArOLINA CLAY MATTERS "pottery barn"

I went to the pottery fair just to see this barn! and what an awesome barn it is!

I am a sucker for a barn!


and run down...

but who cares? it is beautiful! 
And i really did end up buying some pottery and meeting some really cool potters!
another fun day in Charlotte!
Pottery Barn be sure to check it out next time!

FUN FRIDAY with Kat & Chrissi!!

We had a Fun Friday in Concord at The Depot.  This is a huge antique mall that totally wore me out!
but my shopping buddies, Kat and Chrissi were shopping their balls off! Ha!  They wanted to 
turn around and do it again!

Chrissi loved this sweet retro plastic covered sofa!

These crazy "Toy Story" things were hysterical!  Just look at those
bronze shoes on that dog!

This was my favorite thing of the day...this cute little shelf...why didn't I buy it?

We had a really fun day! And I am looking forward to the next Fun Friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


ONE DAY MY DREAM WILL COME TRUE....i will have an old aqua blue truck! I do love this one! Maybe Santa will bring it this year...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


This beautiful urn was the most favorite thing of the day...there are a pair! But the price tag was too high for our little purses. But don't you just lov'um? THEY ARE PINK

Well, I saw this owl lamp and thought...can I make this contemporary? Paint is glossy white then get a really cool shade for it.  It was $45 and in the end I decided it was still look like a ickky lamp from the 60's. It also had a 2 foot lamp shade on it, not cute!

Terry liked this little hat on the blue chair.

we both liked this chair

and we both enjoy an ice cold R R!

I do love some old rusty tin things...

Cute gate

Bucket - O - Shells

After the Flea we stopped in SOUTH END and went in this little shop and they have a gallery in the back. The owner is an artist and hosts an exhibit each month.  There is also art classes in the back called The Artisan Gallery & Learning Studio  

 The Exhibit was about sustainable art. And this art was all done on a pair of jeans.  They are so interesting and here are my favorite ones!

This one was all the abbreviations we use in our technical world


this was my favorite one. It says Everything is a process. The artist wrote in pen all over the jeans and there is some glitter thrown in as well

This was a panting that Terry really liked

after that gallery we went to the old Athern Mills bldg and there is a gallery currently there until the end of Oct. This was the painting i liked the most.  Its FREE- go have a look!

In the end Terry and I had a fun day together, we also ate lunch at the Burger Company on Morehead St....that is worth the drive!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, what a beautiful morning

The weather is perfect this morning... I am hitting a few yard sales and then heading out to the Flea Market. I haven't been to the flea in years. I have high hopes for a successful day.  I will take some pictures along the way.

Friday, October 1, 2010

This is the purchase I made from the Warehouse sale....the table and lamp.  I plan on painting the lamp in some funky way and getting a new shade....

I also bought the pillows. They are so perfect!  They are a little kookie but that is the way I like most things!