Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are so ExCitEd about THE SACK SALE.  WE HAVE TONS AND TONS AND TONS OF STUFF TO SELL!  Ya'll are just gunna flip!
Here are a few pictures that I took today
I don't know any of the prices of these. I barely had enough time to snap the pictures much
less get a price.

Sale Starts THURSDAY
Sept 29 -Oct 1
2001 W. Morehead St
Charlotte NC
9 to 4

This is a childs card table! It could not be cuter!

We have some Paul McCobb and Haywood Wakefield!

beautiful pub chairs!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Take a look at some of the really great things that our wonderful vendors have brought into The Potato Sack! The sale starts on Sept 29th and we can't wait!

Sept 29-Oct 1
2001 W. Morehead St
Charlotte NC 28207
9am to 4pm each day
(we are only open during the sale dates)
Cash & Carry

Monday, September 19, 2011

WOOP WOOP~ Potato Sack Time!

I am just coming off of a girls week at the beach and trying to get it together to just do the laundry! ugh! 

But we are now getting ready for the next POTATO SACK SALE!  We will have our vendors moving in this weekend.  It will be a crazy mess for a while but we always manage to pull it together in the end.  We have about 7 new vendors with some georgous things.  Our regular vendors will have lots of new things in their booth as well.  And as usual we will have great prices.

We look forward to seeing you all there.  Be sure to find us on Facebook and share with your friends.  I will post some pictures over the weekend to let you see some goodies.

2001 W. Morehead St.
Charlotte NC 28207

Sept 29 - Oct 1
9am to 4pm each day
Cash & Carry

Martha & Nell

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The estate sale is over...we kind of thought it would never end!  Our sweet homeowner, Jean, who is 89 years old we think, collected and collected her little heart out.  If she had one bird figurine she had a dozen!  And we sold the hell out of them at the estate sale!  I have never seen a sale like this one.  When I say it was a 3 ring circus it really was!  And all nationalities were represented too!  We had Chileans, Egyptians, Koreans, Kenyans, Mexicans and then of course there were the good ole redneck southerners. I think I might fit into that category!  At the end of the final day it turned into a feeding frenzy! Everyone started going a little nuts!

I wish that I had some pictures to show you however we barely had time to use the restroom much less do something frivolous like taking pictures!

We have laughed more than you can imagine and thankfully I don't think that anyone cried.  Thank you to Terry, Elizabeth, Jenni, Jenkie, Kat, Francis and Chrissi.  YA'LL ARE THE BEST! We truly could not have done it without all of your hard work!! Love to you all!

Martha & Nell

Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ WOW ~ WOW ~ WOW ~

What a great 1st day we had at the ESTATE SALE!  We had a big crowd waiting to get in this morning and there was a steady stream all day.  We sold tons of things, so now we only 1 or 2  more tons to go!  Seriously we have so much stuff left to sell....have a peek....

and we have a 12 foot table FULL of silver plate.....come on by!  

Monday, September 5, 2011

more estate sale pictures...

Here are a few more estate sale pictures.....

this little wing back tuffed seat love seat is so sweet. I love it! 

we have 2 of these.  $100 each

Look at the sea of glassware.  In the way back you see a black table that is 12 feet long and it is filled with silver plate serving pieces, platters & saucers!

We have 4 cabinets with dishes and glasses!

Just a few of the collectables...

Here are a few more goodies from the ESTATE SALE...

We are so excited about this estate sale. Nell and I have been working for 2 weeks to get it all organized and beautified!  There are some great finds, ton of trinkets and sit abouts.  It is a three story house with 2 car garage and apartment.  The garages are full. The paitos are full.  The sunroom is full. The kitchen is full.  Plan on spending some time in this house shopping. It might be wize to bring some type of shopping bag or basket. WHOOO HOOO its going to be so fun! see you there.

September 8 - 10
9646 Hampton Oaks Ln
Charlotte NC 27270
9am to 4pm daily
cash & Carry

Hardman Baby Grand $3,000