Friday, December 3, 2010


Chrissi, Kat and I are having "Fun Thursday" in Mooresville this month.  They have a really cute main street! The school kids decorated the trees and  everyone was so proud of their newly painted SunDrop sign on the side of the building!

We stopped in the hardware store and that was a complete step back in time!  We talked with Danny the owner and he told me he has worked there since he was 15 years old.  The have everything in there! They even have Long Horn horns!   Don't you just love the christmas window!

The old wood floors and the nail bins were over flowing with nails!

This is a the view of the upstairs in the hardware store....ghostly!  Can't you just see some little ghost child riding one of those tricycles around!  

We stopped into the Whirling Whisk for a S'more cup cake and found out that Nordstrom's sells their cookie mixes on line...who knew?

Ye Olde Mantel was a great little shop. And  Tullulah's was one door down. She had some great things too!  

The even had spurs!

I loved this old flocked tree with vintage and antique ornaments 

Cute red door

We ate lunch at The Prickly Pear and it was so delicious!  Christmas in Mexico, baby!

The PP is in an old church and it had some huge bells hanging in the middle of the restaurant.

Kat and Chrissi at the PP

As we were heading out of town we passed the "What a Burger"....maybe next time we can stop in.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For those who do not know, I paint dog portraits and this is my most recent one.  His name is Prince and yes he is named after "The Prince" note the symbol! This is kind of new to me and this is about my 6th portrait and #7 needs to be finished before christmas!  WHOO HOO!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Lisa and Susan w/ Mixology have opened up shop for this weekend.  I just love going there and ooohing and awing over everything.

Just look how cute she is! she has on a pin stripped shirt, strapless cocktail dress that has a velvet bodice, skinny jeans and biker boots! oh and some kind of military metals on the hip that are jackin' up the dress.  She could not have been more adorable!

Chrissi & I went to a painting class at Cajun Canvas last night and painted "birds on a wire". We had a lot of fun! It's BYOB! You can have family parties there, b-day parties for the kids, and just fun girl time!  

This is Shannon and she was our painting teacher at the cajun canvas.  But the very best part about Shannon is that she is a REAL GYPSY!  She is a fortune teller/card reader/intuitive advisor!  I wanted to  to read my cards but she did not bring them with her!  And you can't really see it in this picture but she has BLUE streaks in her hair!
Another fun day in CHARLOTTE, NC!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We took the kids to Asheville to tour the Biltmore House.  If you have not been you need to go.  I was in awe of all of the man hours and labor that went into the construction of this monstrous house!

I became intrigued by the spires and gargoyles.  

There were faces everywhere....

Some were sweet and kind

some were peasants

I loved this pretty little window

This is an elephant

This one is an artist with his painters pallet 

This one is a horned and hoofed goat or devil, I'm not really sure.

After an afternoon at the Biltmore and filling our bellies from lunch, the family was ready for a nap.  I took them to the hotel and I headed out to the JUNK STORE!

The Tobacco Barn is HUGE! I spent about 2 hrs in here and still didn't see it all.  Here are some things that I like

The barn goes into the abyss....

I really like the color on this piece!

Those of you that know me know that I have a fondness for letters and numbers


There were several of these burlap bags. Can you read the print that says..."Ain't nothin like a mint julip and a joint"  Seriously? What?


This was so great. It is all metal and the drawers are all painted with these flags. I love it!

I would have bought this table if I could have and I may have to go back and get it. I can't get it off of my mind.


This was the BEST...Paul Taylor's Custom Belts...LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE BUCKLES!!!

THIS WAS THE GREATEST OF ALL...we are headed down the highway back to charlotte and we come upon this purple and white camper.  I start screaming for my camera.  Can you see the box on the back of the camper?  There are 2 hens in there.  No, they are not real. SOOO FUNNY!