Sunday, September 11, 2011


The estate sale is over...we kind of thought it would never end!  Our sweet homeowner, Jean, who is 89 years old we think, collected and collected her little heart out.  If she had one bird figurine she had a dozen!  And we sold the hell out of them at the estate sale!  I have never seen a sale like this one.  When I say it was a 3 ring circus it really was!  And all nationalities were represented too!  We had Chileans, Egyptians, Koreans, Kenyans, Mexicans and then of course there were the good ole redneck southerners. I think I might fit into that category!  At the end of the final day it turned into a feeding frenzy! Everyone started going a little nuts!

I wish that I had some pictures to show you however we barely had time to use the restroom much less do something frivolous like taking pictures!

We have laughed more than you can imagine and thankfully I don't think that anyone cried.  Thank you to Terry, Elizabeth, Jenni, Jenkie, Kat, Francis and Chrissi.  YA'LL ARE THE BEST! We truly could not have done it without all of your hard work!! Love to you all!

Martha & Nell

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  1. What fun this sale was...we met some very interesting characters, laughed & somehow managed to sell more "stuff" than ever thought possible! Thanks for including me! XO