Friday, November 19, 2010


Lisa and Susan w/ Mixology have opened up shop for this weekend.  I just love going there and ooohing and awing over everything.

Just look how cute she is! she has on a pin stripped shirt, strapless cocktail dress that has a velvet bodice, skinny jeans and biker boots! oh and some kind of military metals on the hip that are jackin' up the dress.  She could not have been more adorable!

Chrissi & I went to a painting class at Cajun Canvas last night and painted "birds on a wire". We had a lot of fun! It's BYOB! You can have family parties there, b-day parties for the kids, and just fun girl time!  

This is Shannon and she was our painting teacher at the cajun canvas.  But the very best part about Shannon is that she is a REAL GYPSY!  She is a fortune teller/card reader/intuitive advisor!  I wanted to  to read my cards but she did not bring them with her!  And you can't really see it in this picture but she has BLUE streaks in her hair!
Another fun day in CHARLOTTE, NC!

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  1. Mixology looks like a dream come true...I think NC is calling my name. Thanks for sharing!